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With Pictures !!! New for 2014 - Revell 1/32 and 1/28 Update Today 26/10


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Hi everybody,

Just received the leaflet with the "new"'s for 2014.

In our scale 1/32


  • 04888 - Bf 109 G-10 Erla 
  • 04781 - F-U4-1D Corsair
  • 04658 - Mosquito Mk IV

In 1/28 Scale:


  • 04730 - Spad XIII
  • 04747 - Sopwith Camel


Nothing really "new" but the G-10 will be nice, I think.




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yes ... and I'm still waiting on that 'new-tool' Spitfire Mk.II ... and a Do.17z would be nice to help round off the BoB builds!! What's with this old tool rubbish??


Rog :)


Well, look at it as Revell making lots of Euros to re-invest in a new tool Do 17, after they've done me a Me 410 and Bf 108 thanks..... :)


And to be fair, neither is 'rubbish' they're both quite respectable representations of the aircraft, just not up to our psychotic detail fanaticism..... Not everyone's going to want a £100 Tamiya F4U....


The Erla G-10 is good news.... will it be as good as Steve Gallacci's resin conversion.... don't know but as they're as rare as hen's teeth it's somewhat academic.... Also, a little bit of scribing and fillind and you could do one of the (currently) ultra rare Erla 109K-4s... nice



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Which markings are going on the Camel? I built Barker's ship when I was 12 in 72....but that was when I was only interested in equipment and

not the stories of the great men that flew them. I only found out tonight that William Barker was the highest decorated Commonwealth person





For hockey fans (I must be the only Canadian that isn't) he was also the first President of the Toronto Maple Leafs

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