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Bronco Comet dio - 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, Petershagen 1945


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Finally got some time to get this finished to a degree I'm content with. It's by no means perfect but as a first stab at a dio I'm okay with it. The layout is too simple but I didn't have the motivation or time to push it any further. Built as a tribute to my late great-uncle Rab who was a 23 year old loader at this time before transferring to REME later in 1945.






Kit is the Bronco Comet which went together great. Can't see how the new Tamiya one will be better, other than being more available! Commander figure is from Alpine Miniatures and the infantry from ICM. The extra quality of the resin figure was easily apparent when trying to paint them. The base is garden soil and clay with the bricks from Gero Design in Germany. They were great to work with as they could be easily broken and even smooshed to make pigment for dusting.

Any comments from more experienced dio builders would be welcome as I'd like to try again but I feel the need for something with wings next as a change.


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18 hours ago, Martinnfb said:


Thanks for the comments all.

That's one of the pictures I had for inspiration Martin. I did think about including an end of the Bailey bridge but the price of the kit was eye-watering and my scratch skills didn't run to doing it in Evergreen.



These are a couple of the others.

The Bronco kit is nice but I agree hard to find now. I'm sure I saw somewhere that Bronco had suspended production. No idea if that was correct or if they've restarted.

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I like your dio a lot Gus, nice color rendition and modulation on the positively cluttered tank. The base could have been a tad smaller for my liking, to concentrate more on figures and Comet, but as Martins pictures show, the setting is perfectly believable. 

Cheers Rob

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Nicely done!  I'm slowly learning what works in terms of size on my naval waterline dioramas too.  You could always add something of interest to the front left or back right corner to make it seem a little smaller, but otherwise, I think it looks great as is.  Super cool to model something like this where you have great historical pictures to base the diorama off of.

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Thanks guys.

Rob, I take your point completely as it is a bit too bare for my liking. I just used an available frame which was A4 size and is a bit too big. Next time I think I might try and make something out of timber myself. This is also too deep as I used a lot of styrene sheet to build the base up high enough for the clay layer. But this build was all about learning about building dioramas, so I now have a few things I know not to repeat the next time! 😄

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