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Hong Kong Model 1/32 A-20 G (Quick Look Test Shot sample)


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A-20 G


Hong Kong Models



At Scale Model World, Hong Kong Models made a new 1:32 kit announcement.

The wait was long (for me at least) and I was very keen to know what was the new model kit from HK Models.

 And then, PUF!!!

A A-20 was announce on facebook page… with a solid nose so probably the solid nose.

Several CAD were share on the internet by HK Models.


Hong Kong Models A-20G Havok Interior (8).jpg


Hong Kong Models A-20G Havok Interior (7).jpg


Hong Kong Models A-20G Havok Interior (1).jpg


Hong Kong Models A-20G Havok Interior (2).jpg


 That was confirm on 12tH November, Saturday, when lots of pictures were share on several social networks with the A-20G sprues.

 I was lucky enough to get my hands on a test sample sprues directly from HK Models CEO (Neil, thanks a lot my friend).


This is not the final test shoot and it doesn’t have any number pieces indication, as it doesn’t have any instructions, PE fret or decals.  

Just and simply the plastic.

Well, one point of the previous HK Models release that was talked about was the lack of interior detail. Well the detail was there but not totally pleasant to the 1:32 modeller.

Starting for the interior, that´s a lots of details, in a much more refine surface details on the parts.

This model has full interior, having interiors details along on the fuselage.

The cockpit is very comprehensive. Remember that I don’t have the PE fret so if it comes with the seatbelts, it’s a good cockpit OOB. Even thought, there`s still room for the AM to come in.























            The wings and the fuselage.

















The surface details is very very good. The best of all HK Models without a doubt.

It`s very subtle and there’s the stress-skin surface with all the little negative rivets. Its present in all fuselage, wings and tail wings.











 The fuselage has full inteiror detail, as the bomb bay:


















The engines have very good details, straight from the box. Could be better. Probably yes but AM guys will have a tons of fun on these engines. However, I quite happy with those straight from box.





 The undercarriage and wheels bay are quite well achieved. I must say that I`m quite impressed in the detail in the wheels bays. In this area, there`s space for AM as usual, but sincerely, for me it will be a waste of time and money as it on OBB is will be great for such a “hidden” area.








The nose it is a model by itself. 

Its extraordinary the amount of detail, of the guns and the gun bay.










The upper Turret has a sprue for itself. as the rest of the model it has detail enought to have a great result straight from the box.






The clear parts. They have good definition and clarity being in fact, transparente.




Now, the main concern: the fitting.

The simple cut of the fuselage and wings, and the fit is marvelous in their main parts.

The tail wings, the tail have connection points very well thought so there no problem of fitting also whatsoever, even thought I can`t try it without glue it.





I`m using as “instructions” some renderings that was given by HK Models but it hasn’t been easy! :D




 What an epic release.

 Very good (and I mean really good) interior details in all parts since the nose across all fuselage, far superior of other HK Models releases.

An extra bonus and really nice surprise is the surface detail. Is very suttle effect of the skin-stressed fuselage and a brillant work on the CAD and great work of injection department.

This a show-stopper anywhere straight from the box and I still didn’t have seen the PE freet, the instructions and the decals! Stunning release of an unique A-20G in 1:32.

Kudos for HK Models!


            My truly thanks to Neil from HK Models for this test shot.




           HK Banner.jpg














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1 hour ago, JohnB said:

Looks really good. I'm afraid to ask what the price is! 🙄

No idea... IF I had to guess, I would say that would be around the same price as the 1:32 B-25

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Wow, looks like an epic release and thank you so much for the huge number of pictures, and your notes.  That is a huge amount of work right there.  Were the A-20 wings really that riveted?  I wonder about the oil-can effect on the wings but this is one area where I am not well versed.

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These large multi engine kits are one seriously GREAT value.  IF you look at it in potential hours per dollar spent.  If you look at it that way, the Border Lancaster, all HK kits, Wingnuts Felixstowes, and all HPH kits are the best modeling values around, with Tamiya being just about the worst value.  (Dollars spent vs time invested). 

They snuck this kit up on us. I certainly didn’t see it coming. 

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20 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

These large multi engine kits are one seriously GREAT value.  IF you look at it in potential hours per dollar spent

That's the way my buddy down the street looks at it.He builds wooden boats from scratch now and quite a few by commission.;)

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