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Bf 108 U.S. Navy

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I had picked up an 'Overtrees' kit of the Bf 108 because I know I wanted to model the aircraft with U.S. Navy on it.



I've been a little slow, but I did assemble the 'Space' IP.


I've done some painting in the interior but was waiting for a book that arrived today before proceeding.

This aircraft seems to have been shipped to the US and inspected by Fairchild at their facility in Hagerstown, MD. And after the war, when I guess it wasn't needed anymore, buried under a runway expansion at Hagerstown.



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9 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Welcome to the forum!  I had no idea the USN had one...   so it should be interesting to say the least.

I didn't know about the Navy one either until I was asking about the one used by the Embassy Air Attache over at LSP. I had heard about the one flown by the Air Attache but also heard that there weren't any photographs.

I imagine there have been multiple runway extensions at Hagerstown since the late '40s. When we drive up to PA to visit, we drive right past the western end of the main runway, Interstate 81, and now I wonder how far in to where it's buried. 

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It depends on what you're wanting. Usually on SB's site, the description lists what is included and what is not included. In this case, PE, Decals, Masks, and Instructions are NOT included. I downloaded the instructions from scalemates.com. I wasn't going to use any of the kit markings, so I didn't need the decals. I picked up the 'Space' set which included the IP, a few other details, and seatbelts (PE). And I picked up a few of the resin/3D printed extras, propeller, oil cooler, and landing gear for some extra detail.


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Ummmm, actually Peter, I haven't done any weathering yet. Most of the interior is painted with RLM02 and I've been touching all the little bits. Perhaps it's just the lighting. 😉 I'm not sure how much weathering I'm going to do.

As noted in one of the videos that was linked in Joreon's thread on his Bf108, the airplane came in three colors, cream, blue, and gray. The Monogram Close-Up book verbally calls the gray Hellgrau which is the name attached to MRP's version of RLM63 but I'm not sure of that.

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Okay, the cockpit pieces are ready to attach the sides to the main part and the engine is ready to go into the fuselage. I added anchors for the rear seat lap belts. And something to represent the brake pedals and cylinders on the left side rudder pedals.



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