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Reno 2023 The last hoorah


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Awesome pics. Thanks Smitty.  I love the Texas flag on the Fouga, but it looks kinda “odd” like that, no?

And ya gotta LOVE Thunderbird!  What a blast from the past. 

It appears that the races ended with a fatal collision between two T-6s after the T-6 Gold Race. 
Both pilots were killed. It’s quite odd as the race was over and the aircraft simply pull up off the course.  Apparently one took the tail off another. 
Once upon a time, T-6 races were almost a blood sport, with multiple identical aircraft conducting a flying horserace type start, and there was lots of traded paint, parts, and more, but it was cleaned up over the decades and there hasn’t been an incident for decades. 

But, as I’ve said many times in the past: Man is naturally competitive. You put two guys together, and they’ll quite naturally race each other. On foot, bicycles, motorcycles, go-carts, boats, cars, rockets, and yes, airplanes. and when people race, it’s competitive, and they know full well that they could die.

Smithy said that the races should be in the Las Vegas area next year.  Much, much more room, no hills, no houses being built up. 
As always happens, people build houses right next to airports and sports venues, and then complain about the noise and danger. 

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Miss America and Thunderbird!  Together again.   Two legends of the postwar boom in air racing.

How about a 109 class for next year?  Tiny, crazy fast, huge engine, and then the pilots are  dog tired after 10 laps of high G turns 100ft off the ground and everyone then has to try to land, and not only walk away, but also avoid a visit to the metal shop because the airplane is needed for the next heat……

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4 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Amazing pictures, thank you. Putting red stars on L-29 Dolphin should be criminalized. :) Anyway, .... Did you guys noticed that Bardhal Special has had completely redesigned radiator intake?

They took a bunch of parts off voodoo!

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STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS  photographs  Smitty.


Thank you for sharing them.

Appreciate your efforts. 

and really sad to hear that two very experienced  pilots died in that crash.

MY condolences  to the flying community and their respective  families  and friends.

Very sad and terrible news .



May they Rest In Peace.


Here is another video which is about 16 minutes long .



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