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1/35 Dora bargain


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There is an AM gun barrel and Mantlet available, but they are very pricey. Also, the barrel is too long, by a lot!!


My house is big enough to display this and I'm not Married, so I have no excuses for not building it I guess.... Would a kit review be appreciated on here?

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Fantastic Nige!  I'd love to see one of these built - and in the flesh too.  


It's a phenomenal piece of manufacturing work and I looked into these a while back; I gathered together some photos from the net and this one was one that really showed its size against a standard 1/35th piece of armour !! 





I'm sure I had a picture of a completed Dora as part of a HUGE diorama in Germany ... It looked VAST against a sea of other 1/35th vehicles and figures.   I just can't find the photo and it's sooo frustrating !


It's an incredible bit of model manufacturing in my opinion - a very brave decision.








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Believe or not, there`s always bigger: 




1/16???????????????????????????? gezzzzz1!! Crazy :omg:  :wtf: 


That's a great link Francisco - thanks for that, I can sit and look at it for hours!  Aside from what it was designed to do, that gun was an unbelievable engineering achievement IMHO, and more fascinating because of it. 

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I've just noticed something which has confused me a little... We all know there is a HB kit of the Dora in 1/72 scale right.. well, look it up and see what you think about the spacing of the rail cars?


The 1/35 kit is wrong as it has one ten wheeled rail car for each corner whereas it should have eight off, five wheeled cars. The HB kit has the pivot to the rear of the front car and to the front of the rear car at each corner, leaving a great big gap between the cars.


So, if we cut the ten wheeled cars in half, which kit is correct HB or Soar??? I have the Gerhard Taube book on the way, but I need to know now please...

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Sorry Kev, bad explaining on my part.. I should have said "Axles" rather than "Wheels". I'm pretty sure now that the HB kit is in error with the biased fore and aft pivot points. It makes sense to have the weight over the middle axle eh???

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