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1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2, JG54, Wilhelm Schiling

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This photo popped up on another modelling forum beginning of 2012... Once I saw it, I had to do this scheme!




Bf 109 G-2, WNr 10436 Oberfeldwebel Wilhelm Schilling, 9./JG 52, Siverskaya, Soviet Union, September 1942.


There is no Decal Sheet available for this scheme, so it will be done via a mixture of custom made paint masks and decals...


I will be using the Promodeller G-4 Trop kit and back dating it to a G-2




I started this again in beginning of 2012 while my family was overseas for 4 weeks... but for some reason it got stuck on the shelve for some reason... Since its so close to being done, I need to resurrect it and finish it!


Started off grinding off all the detail in the Cockpit to fit the Aires pit... Its for a Trumpeter kit, but all the mounting points seem to be the same as a G-6 pit for a Hasegawa kit




Sprayed RLM 66 using Mr Color Lacquers




All the items that need to be painted different colours received a base coat of white, this was done using Tamiya acrylics.




All the components picked out using a fine brush






Some Airscale Placards were added to make the pit "busier", Everything was sealed with a gloss clear and then given a oil wash. Once dry a coat of Alclad Kear Kote was sprayed on to tone everything down... A normal HB pencil was used to add scratches and wear in areas.



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Next thing on the list was to remove all the hatches from the G-4 airframe and backdate it to a G-2..




I thought I would try out and Aires Wheel Bay kit too... I think next time I will pass on this set and maybe try one of the RB Productions offerings...


All the sidewalls of the gear bay were removed using my Tamiya sprue cutters...




Some grinding with the Demel was required also! And those pain in the ass, kidney inserts! There has to be a better way to deal with them!



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Had to grind away some of the mounting arms to make the pit fit... I guess I should of grinded away the excess resin on the pit first before fitting it!




Started to tackle this seams in the nose...






Added a Eagleparts G Oilcooler as the shape looks better than the kits offering...




That damn seam still giving me some issues!




This time trying some Tamiya Light Curing Putty....



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Stats have been modified to be in the closed postion... but there is a small gap that need to be taken care of!




The gap is filled with some plastic strips




and filed and sanded to fill the gap... some filler is required to tidy that join up..





Somehow, I always end up braking off the antenna mount tab on the tail...



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Eagle Parts Corrected spinner all painted up..




Everything as been coated in my Mr Surfacer Primer mixture... Now time to start looking for all the faults that I need to fix!




Ahh... Finally beat that damn seam!




Nasty gap in the wing root that will be tackled with some plastic strip. Weld seam added to the supercharger intake using some stretch sprue




Medium sized gaps were tackled with Milliput






First top coat of RLM 02 applied..




undersides preshaded




And sprayed RLM 76 and then shaded/faded with lightly misting on some flat white





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Looking seriously good. I don't think I've seen that putty before. That cowl seam is a serious bitch and low point of a great kit.


Its not bad stuff... Dries within 2-3 mintues with direct sun light... Good to make castings of small items too!

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RLM 04 ID bands painted...




Upper surfaces preshaded






I started to mask off my own markings...




Once the tape was removed... they were out of shape! These will have to be removed and done again!




Camo masked off... I used 2mm tape to start off the patten I wanted and then 18mm tape to fill in the rest of the area




Colour sprayed and masking tape removed... I will have to light go over the edges and soften them up later...




So this were I am currently.... I plan to start back on this once my other 109 is finish for the Messerschmitt GB

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Top work as always

Question about that seam: the horizontal has been eradicated, but what about the vertical one that just disappears into nothingness?

Surely that shouldn't be there either?

Don't have refs with me - am at work!



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Yup, half way along over the exhausts, vertical panel line that just seems to stop, without meeting another line; this would not be possible on a real panel right?

It looks like this is the case on both sides of the cowling from your pics.

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