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Ju88G1 Mistel 2 "Red 12", 6./KG200

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Pending how I survive my FW190C resin conversion this will be my most complex and daunting conversion.  I ask myself occasionally, "do a shake 'n bake kit sometime".  I must have issues as cutting resin and modifying things.  Is it the challenge?  Is it therapeutic?  Who knows.  It is what it is, I seem to be following a pattern.


Ju88 G1 Mistel 2


The FW190A8 is in the books here is Finished Work link:  FW190A8, KG200WIP link:  FW190A8, KG200.



My inspiration for this build can be blamed on one person.  Early 2011 I am making plans to return to my childhood hobby.  Yes, this is a familiar story for many of us.  Before buying anything I spend several months mining the internet to collect data on the current state of scale modeling.  I discovered SPAR, LSP, Model Madness, ARC, HS and I poured over anything I found interesting.  Then I latched on to Doogs' and followed his early efforts, F4F in kid colors and his P51B.  Through the magic of technology and asking many questions I ramped up to dive in.


I kept returning to a Ju88 Mistel 2 build on LSP, the blame game goes to you Mr. Hatch:)  Love the scheme and the history of Mistels.  I found myself digging all kinds of research on German Composite planes.  Came very close to buying a 1:48 Mistel kit.  Nope, I'm all about 1:32.


So here goes.



Revell's Ju88A 1 will be my donor kit.   I secured 4 of these kits at Squadron's Black Friday sale in 2012.  Less than $20 a kit this is a great value.



I'm all about research.  Not only a great read but lots of data on the Mistel series.



AIMS Mistel 2 Conversion came with a nice decal sheet.  Markings for the FW190 (see my FW190 WIP) included and markings for a Ju88 G1, yes I have the G1 conversion in my stash.



AIMS conversion includes Warhead, Rudder, Wing Extension, BMW801 Engines, Ailerons, Struts for FW190 mount and Photo Etch.  There is a Funkgerät DF with a clear vac-u-form spine.  This may be omitted as I am questioning whether this was removed for the Mistel aircraft.  Photographs/profiles/drawings of "Red 12" and other Ju88 G1 Mistel planes do not show a DF system.  James, feel free to comment on this.



I already started cleaning the engine parts.  Then paused when the Ju GB was announced.



Aftermarket:  MDC Bomb Racks, AIres Wheelset, G Factor Brass Landing Gear (highly recommended as this bird will be heavy) and CMK 900L Drop Tanks.

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Greetings Rick;




...... The resin parts look good .........  :)



If you can pull this build off ................. it should be ............ bouncy10.gif



Looking Good ........... popcor10.gif









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Come on Rick, how is this going? ;)


No bench time last week.  :(  Kids Spring Beak.  Daddy duty all day long...every day.  Lots of fun, knee took a beating!  :)


Hitting the bench tomorrow...all day.  Whoo Hoo!


My FW190 C, FW190A8 (Mistel FW190) and Slick Chick will get some love.


Waiting on some more AM parts for the Ju88.  Will start prep/clean resin parts.

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Profimodeller hurt me.  


Will be using smooth (no tread) wheels in lieu of tread wheels.   


The tail wheel/bay should be fun as assembly closely matches my control line flying days building balsa wood planes with bulk heads/stringers/tissue and some good dope.

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Nearly two years since my last post on this build.  Yikes.


Priority builds and bench rebuild kept me away from this project.  The Fw190 Mistel 2 is done so finally it on the the Ju88 Mistel 2.



The Fw190 was finished April 2015.  Awaits the Ju88.



Some cutting and test fitting on the Ju88.  The AIMS components fit well.  Noting, plenty of putty work will be required.  Not the scary kind of putty work.


Will be posting many WIP images soon.

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First step in preparing the BWM801's engine nacelle/engine requires hollowing out the engine exhaust flange to fit at nacelle rear mount. Using my Dremel tool I got to work.



As you can see much work is required to thin the inside to fit on the leading edge of the nacelle rear mount. Care must be taken to preserve a uniform thickness of the exhaust flanges.



The difficult part is keeping a steady hand during the grind off process.  The finished work is placed on a stand for photo.  I held the engine in my left hand and worked the Dremel tool with my right hand.



Finished with no disaster. Will gently hand sand to achieve desired thickness of the exhaust flanges. Tic marks are for placement of a styrene disc for glue surface on the nacelle rear mount.

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While I was in the mood for grinding resin I worked on the Ju88G1 rudder.



I carefully measured where the kit rudder plug would meet on the G1 rudder.  Swapping out a smaller grinding tool I hollowed out the rudder to accept the kit rudder plug.



The kit rudder plug was trimmed down to accept the G1 rudder.



Test fit.



We're good.  The rudder need to slide up about 1mm.  Some light filling might be needed, TBD.

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I was going to use one of my ProfiModeler Tail Wheel Well for this build.  I decided to save it for another Ju88 build and do some scratch work.


Ribs cut out of 100lb cardboard.



Stringers, panel created with styrene rod, "U" channel and sheets.  Fuel dump hose is solder inserted in heat shrink tube.  Tube heated and shrinks around the solder then tube will hold shape and bends.





Stringers added to inside of fuselage.



Black primer applied.  Not too overly concerned with perfection as most will be barely visible.



Alclad Aluminum applied followed by a wash of diluted clear yellow/orange.  That's right no RLM 02.  Wire will be brake lines for the tail wheel.


Not perfect coverage.  Will suffice when detail is visible through the wheel well opening.

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AIM conversion provides a resin direction finder and a vacu-formed spine to replace kit part #7.  My main concern is keeping structural strength along the spine.  I opted to cut out the clear window for the EZ6.  Thank you James Hatch for this tip.



Following the panel lines I trimmed the clear component to house the EZ6 Direction Finder.



Trim complete.  Will cut out the panel from the kit part and install the clear cover.

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Very nice Rick. Good to see you scratchbuilding the tailwheel bay. Personally I can never understand why people want to superdetail that area as nothing can be seen

when the model is finished. But it is the thought probably that counts and also up to the builder.


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Very nice Rick. Good to see you scratchbuilding the tailwheel bay. Personally I can never understand why people want to superdetail that area as nothing can be seen

when the model is finished. But it is the thought probably that counts and also up to the builder.


Cheers Cees.  Detail an area that will not be seen...it's a sickness requiring significant therapy.  :) 


I need help!

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