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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Soo.... What did you just get???

Dave J

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Here you Grant - http://www.panzershop.cz/inshop/scripts/price_list.asp?Level=46


Being a Mk.IV you want the second one on list, Part # PS35A327


Ordered ! 

Not the easiest site to navigate I must say, and it's not clear whether you get charged postage or not - then you confirm to buy and then ... nothing. Obviously an emailed invoice arrives but it's all very puzzling.

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I'm soooo happy to see that this topic was resurrected! I love getting updates on this stuff from everybody. My model purchases have been non-existent this last month, so I don't have anything cool to post, but I like having a place to show off whenever I do get something, haha.

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Mike - superb armour ! I'm very, very tempted by the 1/24th scale Tasca Panzer II I've got in stock BUT I have to remember its stock and not my personal stash !! Pity that.


KoJo - nice, but I think you need to see someone :). But those Dragon Wing-Tech E-3's are super impressive.

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The Wife doesnt understand the importance of the 109, but thats ok I feel the same way about all her jewelry.


Hahaha I have the same problem!!! Last count, I had 23 1/32 109's (E's-K's).... Plus two drawers filled with AM for them!

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In the last month all I've orderd is the Verlinden 1:5 Ulysses S. Grant Bust.




At this moment with multiple hundreds in the garage slated for Ebay, I'm trying to get kits OUT the door not IN the door.

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They're the Fine Molds "bendable" plastic belts I read about em so I thought I'd have a go at em. They look super detailed just got to paint em. Ill snap a better pic when I get back.


As for the 109 I guess just after the E I just built Eduards and just wanna try a different kit I guess.

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You wanted LARGE SCALE? Ok, how about a 1:16 Albatros D.Va? Just got this from Model Expo.


A lot of the metal parts are crap, but I intend to use this as a basis for something far better. It's still a great kit. When you move the rudder pedals and stick, the control surfaces move too!




















I'm used to working in wood and metal, which is just as well as I need to make a whole new set of brazed brass ailerons, elevators and a rudder.

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