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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/32 Meng Me 163 Komet

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Really nice! Fantastic finish. Wish there was a work-in-progress for this build. I have the old Hasegawa & new Meng kits in my stash. This will motivate me to get going. I'm concerned about the fit of the windows in the Meng kit though - maybe I'll try out the HpH set?

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Definitely the best of these I've seen. Thanks for posting. 


I know what you mean about the connection between the fuse and wings, and some parts of the kit are really not good.

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I would say its one of the best, except for the upside down "flaps" of course (drains point down) ;)


Side windows seem to fit fine, probably best left until the end to attach (which is what I ended up doing with the one I am working on).  Fit on the rest of the kit can be challenging if you don't take your time to get everything assembled properly.



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