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HpH Me410

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Hi all,


I think most of you have seen this wip already on LSP but I decided to post it here too. Well, only the pictures of finished parts that is. I'll keep the LSP wip as my main thread with explainations of what I have done so far. Here's a link: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53305


And here is a recap from the painted parts of the build so far:





And one last picture of how it's going to look





Cheers, Wouter

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I love this build. Sure the inspiration that will see me kickstart mine again. 


You're doing amazingly with this kit. Sure hope you publish a full build of your next masterpiece up here.

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thanks guys!


@ Jeroen, fit is good for a resin kit, but still lot's of sanding, scraping en test fitting. Especially the cockpit needs some serious trimming to make it fit. You can't take shortcut's on this build and really have to think 10, well mayby 15 steps ahead. On the other hand, I think that's true for most resin builds I guess :-)

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Hi guys,


small update, made some progress on the Mk103 gunpack. Since there are no drawings available (to my knowledge) I have to scratchbuild from the pictures in the Me410 manual. So lot's of trial and error. But it's going in the right direction nonetheless. And it still does fit into the bomb bay, but it's a very very tight fit.


No more updates for the next two weeks, as I will be on vacation  :D .


Cheers, Wouter





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I was only thinking of this build last night and resurrecting my own build.


Got to admit that I love the scratch work here. Very tempting and would open up the possibilities. 


You bought the Fw 189 yet?

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Can't wait to see how you will tackle this build James. I haven't bought the Fw189 yet, but I will. I'll get it at the Dutch IPMS nationals this autumn, it'll save me a significant amount of shipping costs.

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Hi guys,


just to let you know I'm still working on this beauty, but due to rebuilding my man cave, progress is slow. No pictures therefore, but I've constructed one of the radiator flap's , so one wing is now essentially complete. The radiator actuators are a pain in the ars to build. I ended up gluing them instead of trying to make the hinges working. I'm sure it can be done, but after many fruitless efforts I gave up.


I've also decided to close up the gun compartment. I made some progress on the gun rack, but I didn't like to break up the lines of the aircraft, so in the end it's going to be closed. It has also something to do with the fact that I want the model completed for the ESM meeting at the end of october. Fingers crossed!



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Right, picking up this build right where I left it, the Mk103 gunpod. As I had decided to close up the gunpod instead of having it opened the majority of my scratchwork was scratched (pun not intended). I wasn't to happy about the scratchwork anyway, learnt a few things and live moves on.


Here's what I ended up with. In the end you can only see the top part of the ammo box (white) so after having made said decision I concentrated my efforts here.





And after a coat of primer





And after painting. I used some pigments on the bottom as I recon the guns would produce a serious amount of gunresidue in the gunpod. Well, even if it's to much you can't see it anyway!  :lol:





And finally with guns added





I also sanded the other side and scribed new panels for the appropriate openings for the spent shell cases and ammo linkages. I do have to clean it all up of course.




And just for the fun, this is what it would have looked like if I had continued the scratchwork






But it will be like this




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I continued my work on the cockpit. 




The remote guncontroller (took me 3 hours to build as I was missing some parts)



And then you are bumping in some scaling issues.... it barely fits under the canopy and maybe I have to delete the middle Revi visor. Well, we see how it goes.






And last but not least I put her on her feet! I did it now as I felt it wouldn't be easy thing to do after everything was painted up. I will add the details later, but the main parts of the landing gear are in place. I took a lot of eyeballing, checking reference and patience to get it right. I first tacked the gear in place with CA-glue and after I was happy with the positioning I dipped the joints in epoxy and let it dry overnight. Glad Hph did put some metal rod in the oleo's, if the break it will be at a joint rather then the gear itself.




And here she is on here feet (wheels are not fixed yet).



Btw, sorry about the crappy pictures, but I didn't have access to my normal camera.


Cheers, Wouter

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