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1/32nd scale Avro Shackleton AEW2 - scratchbuild project

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Nice to see your progress Tom. The nacelle looks very convincing. Now you can compare notes with Cees as to how to finish the front end of the engines! :D

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Hi Tom,

I understand what you mean. These projects can get under your skin. It's a matter of motivation ( or the lack thereof). The first outboard nacelle has at least been started so another step towards the fun part. Hang in there.


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Afternoon all :)


With the school holidays upon us and me entering retirement for the summer, I thought it time to get this project back on to the bench...




As you can see, it doesn't fit all that well!


I'd got to the stage of completing one outboard engine nacelle, so decided to get the other one done. This began by adding a series of strips (or planks) cut from plastic card and slowly adding them to the framework of the nacelle I'd made earlier:




These were then built up over a couple of evenings until the basic shape of the nacelle was formed:




With the glue allowed to harden for a week, I then coated the nacelle in a generous helping of car body filler:




This was then sanded back and a coat of filler-primer applied, before this too was then sanded and polished to leave a beautifully smooth finish to the nacelle:




After a serious sanding session, some light refreshment is called for ;)




I wasn't completely happy with the leading edges of the wings, so I also took the opportunity to re-profile them:




I then primed and polished up the 3D printed 'power-eggs' and test fitted them to the firewalls - thankfully my careful measuring and planning paid off, and although they're not quite a Tamiya fit, they fitted pretty well:




After the power-eggs were glued to the firewalls, it was a simple job to blend them in with filler and then give the wings a primer coat of grey - here the engine fronts are just taped in place as I still need to make the radiators and oil coolers before the fronts can be permanently attached:






And so now a major milestone has been reached, about 18 months after starting this build, and the airframe is now complete:








And here she is with a 1/72nd scale Revell Shackleton as a useful size comparison:




So now I can concentrate on the detailing of the model - the cockpit and flightdeck may well be the next task as the upper fuselage still needs blending in. The extreme rear of the fuselage needs some tweaks too, but the main construction is now over and I'm pleased to have reached this point in the project - it's all down hill from now on!


All the best,



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This is a truely big bird and an even so huge project. You have my deep respect for the courageous effort to start this and stay with it. I wouldn't now how to handle that beast. It seem nearly the size like an adault Albatros. Nice works on the wings an nacelles. Enjoy your refreshment after lots of dust from sanding, but a screwcap wine, tss, tss, tss ;).

Cheers Rob

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Magnificent, that thing is huge compared to your workbench (or you must have a very small bench). I bet you have surprised yourself too.

Looking forward to see the cockpit interior getting worked on.

Keep it up.



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