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S.e.5a's - No 74 Squadron, Clairmarais, France 1918. FINISHED


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Holy hell!

That tender & SE combination looks completely amazing!

The shading on the row of SE wings is stunning!

Just amazing work. I'm busy with the WNW LVG but I have their SE5 next in line & I've bought the Roden kit as well - planning to poach the decals and do the red fuselage/khaki wings (Schweinhund) but use the WNG airframe. Your masking & airbrushing will be my inspiration...

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Very impressive work on a truly curageous project. I sometimes wonder, how you keep the pace up on these big Dios. There must be 'Duracells' for modellers, I haven't found yet. When I see your work, there is a movie running in my Imagination. This extends your usual very high Standards.

Cheers Rob

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Finally my diorama build has now come to an end. It has been an adventurous journey into 'The Great War' almost 100 years ago.

It's a depiction of a day in the No. 74 Squadron based at Clairmarais, France 1918. The pilots of No 74 Squadron have just returned from a successful patrol.  On 30. July 1918, 'taffy' Jones brought down three German planes, a Rumpler C and a LVG C around noon and a Fokker D VII at 17:50 in the evening. The Squadron Commander Keith Caldwell, also brought down a Fokker D VII on this day... 


Its first operational fighters were S.E.5as in March 1918. The squadron served in France from April until February 1919, when it returned to Britain where it was disbanded on 3 July 1919. During its wartime service, it was credited with 140 enemy planes destroyed and 85 driven down out of control, for 225 victories. Seventeen aces had served in the squadron, including Victoria Cross winner Major Edward Mannock, Ira "Taffy" Jones, Benjamin Roxburgh-Smith, future Air Commodore Keith Caldwell, Andrew Kiddie, Frederick Stanley Gordon, Sydney Carlin, Frederick Hunt, Clive Glynn, George Hicks, Wilfred Ernest Young, Henry Dolan, Harris Clements, George Gauld, and Frederick Luff. (Wikipedia)


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And some close-up photo's of the build...
























The three planes are the ones of Squadron Commander Keith 'Grid' Caldwell NZ, (D6864), James Ira 'Taffy' Jones C1117 'T' GB and of Frederick Stanley 'Freddie' Gordon NZ, D3438 'Z' - The last one without the wings, is done as C6459 'C'. It could have been the one flown by Sydney 'Timbertoes' Carlin, but I have not been able to confirm this.


Thats it, I hope you like it...


Regards: Kent Karlsen

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  • Fran changed the title to S.e.5a's - No 74 Squadron, Clairmarais, France 1918. FINISHED
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