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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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The one disappointment to me was the dumb ass control knobs, no way to put it the right spot and TINNY. If I had some PE ones, i could of made them work. Not happy with mine.......Harv

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The wire you guys both bought was 0,6 , Wolf sad that this diameter is suitable for the main wiring harness connection on his Merlin, for radials he's using.010 led wire.

I checked the instructions, the rear set of pus rods is wrong, needs to be removed . ... or else :)




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Hey Harvey,

Martin is correct regarding the second row of pushrod tubes. HKM gives you two too many sets. There should only be one set at the front of the engine and another at the rear of the engine. Like he said, cut the pushrods tubes off of the ring as you'll need the ring for correct spacing of the engine components. He specifically said brake/break but I'm usually a little more surgical, LOL!

With regards to the plug wires, the 0.6 braided line is definitely going to be too big. I'd use it for the flexible conduit between the magnetos and the ignition ring. For the actual individual leads to each spark plug, I checked, and I use 0.15 lead wire.



Cheers, Wolf


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29 minutes ago, harv said:

Hey ol' buddy ! so what color do you paint the wires ?.......Harv

Believe it not Harv, Model Master enamel RLM 79 sand brown but any similar colour will do. Do yourself a favour though, paint your lengths of lead wire first, and then touch up any spots where the paint may have flaked off.

Give my regards to Bev!

Cheers, Wolf








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