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see why we call it Beautiful British Columbia?


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As messed up as some places are these days, Cathy and I do live in a pretty place, went for a drive yesterday and here is a little bit of what we went through, had a nice picnic lunch on the back of my Trailblazer along the way........ looks like winter is on it's way though.......







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It has been a year since we moved from BC and i am still getting correspondence from BC government urging me to pay this and that, the latest was a fine for unpaid dog licensing fee from Pitt Meadows. LOL 

Alberta is nothing short of beautiful. Message_1532287497529.thumb.jpg.07b153be502191bf43a859212b98e1f6.jpg20180714_110531.thumb.jpg.8b70a80d63c48c89538f6befe9eebee7.jpgMessage_1532288865952.thumb.jpg.f2da857e9c77b19682f028302973b259.jpgMessage_1532287583593.thumb.jpg.002cb799bf1f8a26980568bc02479237.jpgMessage_1532287761918.thumb.jpg.6118f0184ef63aecec95dd39c2885a4e.jpgMessage_1532288479906.thumb.jpg.f91cb1af23465dee14d4540fa6afbef7.jpg

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Great photos Jeff! I've only been to Vancouver so haven't seen anything really of BC. Still trying to make my way through Ontario where I live. 

Martin, I hear there's more fluffy white stuff headed your way. I think you need one of those Russian tanks with the jet engines mounted on them for snow removal. Then you get to combine all your hobbies in one shot :D



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Martin, yes, Alberta is gorgeous, and Cathy and I have traveled nearly every road in Alta, and find is fascinatingly interesting.....  here is a couple more from yesterday......................... and one for Carl......when Cathy was here last March....




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I'll be heading to Vancouver on Friday, but I'm afraid I won't have any time to further explore the surroundings. Save for the BC Aviation Museum and the Canadian Museum Of Flight - only if time allows. Seems like you're truly blessed with nature's miracles in BC.

Our current biosphere - lovely Bliesgau:


(early spring)






(locals - mostly harmless)


Our future "habitat" (as from January 2019, Governors Bay/Banks Peninsula, NZ:





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Ivan................. MAKE time , you won't be disappointed.....when you get to the BC Aviation Museum in Sydney ( Victoria) make sure you check out the Bell 47-D1 Helicopter CF-FZX.... it was the very FIRST Commercial helicopter in British Columbia, it was bought and flown by Carl Agar, founder of Okanagan Helicopters and that machine has an incredible local history, it is the real deal.... it took them 3 years of very hard work to restore that machine, they replaced the front bubble with a full bubble, as it originally had an open cockpit, it was completed in 1988, and actually belongs to the Royal British Columbia Museum, but is on loan to the BC Aviation Museum.....they had to source parts from all over North America, and had to have the old school engineers do the restoration...... she is not to be missed, as she is the REAL deal, and not just nay old '47 painted up to look like it and a vital part of our British Columbia history.............. here is what she looked like when operational back in the 1940's


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WOW!  That 47D has to be one of the earliest ones still in existence. What a serious time machine!

There's plenty of 47s around and even still working for a living, but an early D has to be rare like a decent Trumpeter kit.

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Carl, I'd love to go back to the UK, such beauty and history................ I have a few dead relatives I want to look up................ and yes, Gusmac, the weather is really a factor, I marvel at the fact how the weather on any given day can change the landscape, looks so much different on a sunny day than a day with weather........ and yes we do get lost in the day to day drudgery and not stop to take 5 minutes to look around.... it really is a pretty amazing ( I hate that word ) place we live in.... even in crummy weather........

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