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ZM F4 - Opinions


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So Telford around the corner and ZM in attendance add I haven’t built a jet in .....will not finish that one. Interested to know what you guys think of their 1/48 F4.

ZM sometimes have show prices and could be tempted for a change with something that hasn’t any props....... 

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I've heard that the hind quarter curves above the burner cans are kind of funky, but I'm no F-4-O-Holic.  The one's I've seen built look Phantabulous to me though.

I've built a couple of the Acadamy F-4B/N kits and I loved them. I thought THAT kit was spot on.

I only added some PE panels and belts, but other than that, straight OOB.

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Not sure but I'll check over the weekend. The two newest F4 have fixes and updates as well. One thing, pound for pound the ZM F4's just are heads and tails ahead of every other 48th scale Toon and looking at the kits, I think way too much is made of this issue.


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I've got two of the SWS F-4S kits in my stash - and I totally love them. Except for replacement burner cans, these kits virtually don't need any aftermarket goodies. "As is" overall detailing is exquisite and leaves very little to be desired. On the other hand, the shape issues between fuselage stations FS370.000 and FS493.000 ("Finger Trim Plate") were in fact a bit of a letdown for me. My Mk.I eyeball told me immediately there was something fishy when I first saw pics of the actual plastic. So I was more than happy when Hypersonic came up with their correction set and ordered two sets accordingly.

Ignorance is a bliss. Too true. But when it comes to one of my favourite subjects (and the more familiar I am with a particular subject), my Mk.I eyeball tends to play tricks on me and takes over control. Once spotted, it's almost impossible for me to "unsee" such inconsistencies. It sticks out like a sore MOLE.



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