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Word for the day: "Grofacking"


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1.  To pull a model kit off the shelf, open box and examine contents, daydream about assembling and then return contents to box and return to shelf.

Synonyms: Procrastinate, delusion, pipe dream

Examples of grofacking in a sentence: "If he spent as much time building models as grofacking he'd be a lot more productive".

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5 hours ago, DocRob said:

Aren't we all grofackers once in a while, all except Martin, because he ruined everything by actually applying paint on his I-16 which was actually waiting to be grofacked :D.

Cheers Rob

Actually I brought grofacking to a new, advanced level.

  1. grofack,
  2. do some work on it,
  3. then put it away again.

This approach embraces your strong will to procrastinate and/also it generates more excitement with the upcoming grofack-session.

win-win :)

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