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Music time :)


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15 minutes ago, GusMac said:

Still think that, Gimme Shelter and Paint it Black are the best things the Stones ever did

Gimme Shelter is my Stones fave.  I also find it weird that a car company here uses a cover of Sympathy for the devil. Just seems weird........harv

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18 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

all time favourite :)

Whatever this is about, some nice music here. I own some thousand Vinyls, new and vintage and there are some very precious rare pressings of Massive Attack among them, one Heligoland, a dark and sinister gem even has a hand printed cover.

There are some great German bands around, but I have  to admit, that I hate Rammstein for their all out permanent crying for publicity and being risen in West Berlin I know them from their firs breath.

If you look for some special German band, I would recommend 'Bohren und der Club of Gore or a with a little bit more electronic approach 'Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble' just for starts.

Canada wise, I like the Sadies with or without Neko Case.

Now I get it, you are reviving VIVA a defunct European music channel, but on the other hand you spoke about future :rofl:

Cheers Rob

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