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Black sheep!!!

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It is completely illegal here in Queensland. No part of the wheel / tyre combination may protrude past the bodywork when viewed from the side or above. It has been the since since I began driving in 1984, and wanted to put 7" rims on my Mk 4 Cortina. The only difference was, the Police enforced the law back then. You see it all the time now, most often on jacked-up 4wd's.

There is another pertinent law here, Motorists must pass Cyclists with a metre space on roads under 60kph, and are a metre and a half on roads above that speed. This is diligently enforced though, as some militant Cyclists take every opportunity to go on Social Media when the gap is encroached. 

But yeah, spiked covers on your wheel nuts is just asking for trouble.

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