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Looks like the 2000 is available (at last)


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3 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Apologies for my ignorance. Does anybody own this kit and wants to share the first impressions?:)

What I have read so far : it’s good for a « C » version although it has some parts for other variants like the « -5 ». But the IP is there only for the C, i.e. with part glass, part analogic instruments. The « glass » IP of the « -5 » is simply not there, and should be either scratchbuilt or wait for an AM cockpit.

Biggest disappointment seems to be the lack of intake trunks, as on the previous F-5E kit. But overall it looks like a nice kit. And the chances you will get a 2000 from another manufacturer seem a lot smaller than WnW doing a French fighter, if you see what I mean :)


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On 12/24/2019 at 2:49 PM, GusMac said:

Yeah, reviews seem generally positive but the intake trunks seems to be the main thing. Although I've seen it pointed out that with the small intakes and large shock cones there isn't much chance of seeing much in there anyway.

Exactly, you can't see ANYTHING down those intakes, anyway.

On the F-5 I built, it was a non event. I just painted the interior black, along with the engines, and never had a single issue.  My opinion is that guys are getting wound up over not much at all.

Another big beef I heard with the kit is how not every part to do all available versions comes with the kit, with the biggest one being a panel for the -5.  If you can build a C the way it comes, build a C.    But if you can't wait for the inevitable release of the -5, then I'm sure the AM will quickly oblige if you are incapable of scratching one out yourself.

Other than those two nits that were picked, it certainly appears, from all who responded, to be a solidly decent kit with exceptional surface detail.

I have not received a copy yet, but when I do, y'all will be the first to know.

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