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Hasegawa P-40E.

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Ah this is a nice subject. The kit is good but you have to be careful with the joint between the tail and the fuselage.  Better join the tailparts to the fuselage parts so you get to full fuselage halves. There will be a step if you don't. The E didn't have the extra frame in the windscreen and it needs to be sanded and polished out.

I build mine as a KNIL (Dutch East Indies) aircraft.

Will be following this for sure.


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This is looking great, Dale. Looks like you are on JohnB-speed, a new LSM measurement, with the Original JohnB calibrated as one, the rest of the world less than one and maybe one or two above one, but this is hard to think off. 

Keep it rolling with that great kit.

Cheers Rob

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Hi Carl.

I do have one somewhere but want to fashion one of my own. It should be easy. I remember what it looks like. Actually I recall butchering it with a dremel back when I was bonkers.

I've not had a chance to do anything today due to drumming. I am setting my alarm for 5 A.M so I get an early start.

I have been doing it haphazard. I told Harv I am surrounded by sprues. I wasn't wrong. Now I have put everything aside carefully and focused on one thing I find I am really enjoying it.

I am very grateful for the support. About once every 8 weeks  a little of my brain returns. It looks like I wont lose my foot as well. 

I am pretty chuffed right now. :)

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Well I put the spar on back to front. As can be seen above. So I wasted time correcting my screw up.

Basic pit colouring commenced. I broke the joy stick, having put it on earlier than usual. I set it aside and will add it later. 

The milliput canvass is in and awaits further painting and shading. Where it looks like clay cannot be seen once in the wing.

My hand are not handling PE well. The numbness makes it difficult. I will order Fine molds plastic harnesses from now on.

Loads still to be done on the pit, but this is where it is.

I will have to wait until Sunday due to musical commitments. 

Thanks again guys. :thumbsup2:


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