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Pre-shading models


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So I'm not normally someone who pre-shades a model when I'm building it. In fact, if I do anything of the sort, it's post shading for me.

That being said, I'm trying it out for the first time and wanted to see what you guys think. I've done the typical spray all the panel lines in black first step. But the next step is where I have questions.  Do I spray a light overall cost or do I fill in the panels one by one?

Here's the guinea pig, er test subject:


The part on the right has been pre-shades and then painted with the primary colour. The one on the left has only the primary colour. 



The next two pics show the upper hull. I've done the painting by filling in the panels one at a time. Which I guess is more typical of post shading. 

Oddly, it's not as stark in real life.

So what do you guys think?


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5 hours ago, krow113 said:

I think of pre shading and post shading as the beginning of a series of treatments , to be followed by  ie: pigments , inks , wash' or all of the above.

That is what I think too. The question if filling single areas or doing a complete coating depends on the subject and state of condition to me. A heavy used falcon with lots of spare panels from the scrap yard, I would fill the panels individually, using slightly different shades of the base Colour.
Pre shading with different Colours sometimes enhances the richness of the then applied base Colour. 

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2 hours ago, krow113 said:

Tell me about it , I 'm the guy who preshaded his Scammel in purple:

Sweet pre purpled thing :D, I have one in stash too, but this will fit into a fantasy-circus setting. No idea about weird pre shading right now.
The main thing about Colour pre shading to me is to find a matching Colour enhancing the planned paintjob, purple for blueish grey looks great and gives a little warm hue to the shadowy areas.

Cheers Rob

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I have always preshaded in (NATO) black, works a treat.

I feel the preshading helps washes too...meaning they help visually blend the wash into the shadow.

On tank kits I preshade in the rubber wheel color to help painting them later.

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Here's a quick update. I managed to finish painting over the pre-shading on the upper and lower hull. 



I did some of my more typical post-shading on some panels to make them slightly lighter. So a bit more assembly before some more weathering. 


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7 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of preshading aircraft. I can see it for other models, but for me on aircraft, I don’t see the reason.

Tone variations without having to constantly mess with the paint in your AB cup. 

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