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Arttystation bench system assem

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If this is the wrong section, please move. So this is the  "Opera" set. The biggest they have. Cost, $ 400. But when I ordered back in November, I got free shipping. Which I guess is substantial. As you can see in the first pic, big box has a bunch of smaller boxes. Each smaller box has LOTS of parts. This first piece will be the center section. More to come......harv



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Just now, harv said:

Actually  it specifies that the surface are coated and any type of wood glue products will not work wrll....harv

Ahhh well there you go......you know these model forum know it alls............

My wife is right, I do know nothing.

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Ok first installment.  1 corner section.  Everything fits very well so far. Very snug. I'm using my thick CA for this. I need a new bottle anyway. Total of 13 pieces. Side sections then top and bottom.....harv





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