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Revell Iron Maiden Spitfire Finished. RFI

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Here is my RFI for a commission build of the Revell Iron Maiden Spitfire with Eddie in the cockpit. 

The model was mostly stock other than G-factor Gear and antenna mast, and fabricated a rear metal wire holder and insulator. I added a PE harness the for the pilot and there is a tube under the aircraft for an acrylic rod. I used stock Tamiya RAF colors, just to make sure touch ups were easy if needed.

And to keep with the Aces High theme, lots of chipping, soot, and grime, after all, the undead don’t have time to land and wash their planes. Total build time was exactly 4 weeks.

Overall, I have to say this kit builds nicer that the new tool 109 and P-51, it’s definitely a simpler build, while still have it good cockpit detail and nice surface riveting and scribing. The fit of the bottom wing to the rear fuselage was poor, I had to use plastic shim to take up the gap and had to cut away the tabs that joined the two. Revell should have put the join at the rear of the wing, and not as far back as they did, it let to a lot of work. The decals were about as nice as any I have ever used, the kit landing gear are garbage, as are other Revell kits, an upgrade here is needed. Clear parts are probably the worst part of the kit, they sort of fit OK, but don’t line up with the fuselage very well, and they are not very clear, they seem to have a texture to the inside of them. 

I am pretty happy how this turned out, I ended up putting more work into it than anticipated, but it came out 98% the way I wanted it to. If I was building it for myself, and i have a kit that i will, I would have also upgraded the exhaust manifolds, and possibly gone with a new IP, Brassin landing gear and tires. I also would put the flaps up, as I grow tires of reattaching them with CA. I also would do mine in-flight, gear up, possibly mid retraction, and with a pilot. Pretty much a stress free build, just minor issues compared to some other kits.










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