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First off my apologies for not being around lately, I've had absolutely no time to devote to modeling since the new year.  Anyway, do you guys want to keep this thing rolling?  I still have the Sherman waiting to go as a prize whenever it's decided that this thing has run it's course.  Let me know.

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I would be happy to call it Mike'O...

I got a quarter way through my build, and struck a snag and lost the motivation to push on. However, there may be others who are closer to completion, and deserve a shot at finishing.


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I have been building a bit on my 251.  In fact, I will post some updates this weekend.  I intend to keep posting updates to its conclusion regardless.   However, the agreement was set forth I didn't make the time frame.  I would not be comfortable being put in the same lot of those that finished on time.  I am way OK with not being in the running for a prize, god knows I should reduce my stash.   And as my betters have already said it is a pleasure to build as a group.  I am always impressed by peoples builds and techniques. 

May I suggest, you give a prize to those that completed their build on time.  I will supply another prize package for a second completion date TBD.  If I may further suggest, the people who finished on time will also be eligible for the second prize package.  This could cycle for as long as chosen.   I don't know the numbers in terms of complete and incomplete kits as certainly that number would matter in this decision.

Whatever the case, it is, and continues to be a pleasure. 

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