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1:32 Fairey Gannet AEW... anyone??


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Being worked on by the same guy who also produced a resin 1/32 Buccanneer .... A vey brave move indeed. 

The Gannet is an incredibly big aircraft. When standing next to (well, « under » is an apter description) it, I felt really dwarfed. And that wing looked so thick ...

It has the ungainly charm of the post-WWII British aerospace industry products. I actually quite like it, which means I must be twisted somewhere :lol: ... BUT, why go for the ugliest version, the AEW one, when the ASW was more interesting IMHO ? Well you can’t please everyone all the time, I guess. I’ll let the die-hard British contingent support the initiative, and focus my cash on other unloved aircrafts ;) .


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Had heard this was a possibility. Remember seeing them at local airshows as a kid. As Hubert says it's another of the great British 'fuglies'. Could only be loved by their mothers but it was pretty damn efficient at what it did.

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On 12/10/2020 at 6:34 PM, Clunkmeister said:

Did you get one of the family sedan versions from Paul when he was still up and running?

Yep!  And I bought one off a forum classified as well.  Here’s the one I bought .  It was my COVID build this past March/April.


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1 hour ago, GazzaS said:

Ugh!  Did Fairey make anything that wasn't ugly as hell?

Here it looks like a Spitfire mated with a schoolbus:


...  And that's the best looking one!


I'll be passing on the Gannet.

At least we got the pretty end of the Spitfire.:lol:

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