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  1. Martin is involved in a bunch of group builds that no one knows about.
  2. Definately thankful for that, Peter! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  3. While I'm still open to Rueben's offer I thought I would give this a bump and see what happens.
  4. A Cavalier Mustang is as much of a heresy as cutting up a Kotare MkI Spit😜
  5. Easy peasy. You'll never be comfortable with that, and find some reason to cut one up.
  6. Wondering if the Slovakian Air Force ever flew those, Martin?
  7. Ya it will be the first one, hi vis. I had a friend that I played soccer with when I was a kid who's dad worked for Revell USA. He gave me oen of those 32nd Tomcats they produced with VF-1 markings. Boy did I louse that kit up. Now, time for retribution! Won't be the first Tomcat on my shelf, Martin.
  8. A while back I shot an email off to the folks over at Reskit. Wanting to build an early F-14, I knew that the Aires F-14 burner cans were too small for the Trumpy kit. A big glaring aftermarket need. They replied with a " we will absolutely do some" and now finally they have been released. What a great company! Mine are enroute now.
  9. Some crazy armor or reinforcement on there, yikes.
  10. So I'm going to get sued for calling him a prick? That's hillarious!
  11. Ya, but I bet PJ would have cared less about those molds had they just sat around and rotted forever or been thrown in the trash. Undoubtedly the HP 0/100 will.
  12. Reading about this elsewhere. PJ is going to put Border out if buisness with all of this. I wouldn't buy anything from the prick after this after having knowledge of how he treated his staff. WNW may still be legally a company, but in my eyes WNW was the talented staff who are all gone now. So any thought he wants to release it himself seems like bs to me. He is just trying to stick it to them. Dr 1 will make way more money than this, seems odd he did nothing there.
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