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  1. That rule as far as I know only applies to farcebook. No crazy shit like that here, thank goodness.
  2. Those panels look fantastic, Kai. That's really a great way to do a modern cockpit. Trying to paint all of that detail... would be far beyond me.
  3. Those AM turrets look fantastic! I still cannot believe that the kit ones have a seam through the 'glass' area.
  4. I have considered that, Rob. The danger is that white, once dry often looks frosty. Thank you, Peter. Thank you, Kai! Rank decals are a lot neater than what I could ever paint. Just a note to the user... remove as much surface detail from the places where the rank badges go... otherwise you have to wrestle with the decals to get them to stick.
  5. Some great pics, Rob. I was wondering about what has been happening there.
  6. Though I spent a lot of time modelling today, I don't have much to show for it. First thing I did was apply all of the rank insignia and award decals. The Decals I used were by Passion Models. I think they are a little over scale. Then I assembled the men, including their personal weapons. Once everything had a few hours to dry, I added some mud stains to their lower trouser legs and boots using enamel paints and the sponge chipping method. Who knew it could be so easy to soil your trousers. Wait... I think there's a joke in there, somewhere. Remember my sheet of Plaster of Paris from yesterday? Now it is ready to provide chunks of earth. Som with grasses. This morning I had a thought... How about if I had mixed in some pigments first? It woulda saved a lot of time. Last week I saw some cool corner clamps on farcebook. I looked for the same thing at a local seller and ordered them. Here they are holding the frame for the base together while the PVA glue dries. A not to the interested: They aren't much good for anything thicker than 20mm. Happy modelling!
  7. Thanks for the pics, Martin. I wouldn't mind doing a tank really blown up... I just need more discipline. It might be better with a full-interior kit. I'm not very inventive when it comes to making damaged stuff.
  8. Thanks, Phil. I'm never really totally happy with my figures. But I'm determined not to build another model without them. Even if you don't give them a lot of scrutiny they just add so much to the model. I imagine my 1/48 figures (haven't bought any, yet) will look really bad. There's really only one way to deal with figures... tackle em'. Accept that they may never be as good as you want. And move on to the next model... with more figures. And hope that they get better each time. It's either that or put a building next to each vehicle to give it scale.
  9. Tidy work, John. I like the textures on the turret.
  10. Welcome fellow styrene warriors. I've wanted to build dioramas my whole life, but just never got around to it. So. it's about time I got started by uniting the Bronco Marder II build and my Soviet Frankentank t-34. As in those threads, some of the pictures are captioned. The base is 25 cm X 25 cm. I don't want to go any bigger due to storage. Happy modelling!
  11. Hey fellas... question for you: Does the Chrome melt during a car fire? I'm having a helluva time finding pics of a burned older-vehicle. I looked up the melting point of glass, and it melts a lot easier than chromium. Anyone... if anyone has a good pic, or some info... I'd be grateful.
  12. You should do more armor, John. That one looks great! And takes up a lot less space.
  13. Very nice work, Carl! I like to make lead sinkers more space effective by beating them flat with a hammer and using metal shears to nip them into the length and width that I want. I've even slipped them into nacelles to help get the proper tilt.
  14. But you're still building the Sherman, yes??
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