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  1. I actually may have to withdraw as the USPS is not sending to Australia due to Australia Post's inability to perform... or something like that. My father tried to post a parcel to me yesterday and the postal clerk said 'not happ'nin'.
  2. She's alright if you can bear the captions. Heh... but then I relied on Google Translate, too.
  3. It's not uncommon for the rubber areas to get camo paint on them. When I was in Desert Storm, all of the rubber wheels had overspray. I prefer to air them.
  4. Very nice carpentry! Love that corner desk. I do rough carpentry when the need arrives. My wife calls me: "Bodgy builder"
  5. Looks very sharp, Peter. Regarding your question on the ammo doors... might just be artistic license.
  6. As an Ex-USMC artilleryman, I know why we carried aiming stakes. If I may be so bold, besides artistic license, why did you include them?
  7. Thanks for the link. Wish it had indy links. One of the most attractive aspects of the t-34 chassis is the prospect of being able to pose it around terrain. Despite my last two tanks being flat sitters, doing things with the suspension is one of those new things I like to do.
  8. That is excellent detailing!
  9. Comrade Stalin has taken notice of your unpreparedness. When the knock comes on your door late tonight ensure you have a small bag packed. ...otherwise.... looks great!
  10. Thank you, Kai! I still have to rethink my method on the base... it got a bit messy at the end. Thank you, Phil! I'd like to make the destroyed tanks a little more forlorn in the future. Thank you Kent!
  11. Looks nice, Kevin. Couldja get a little closer with the camera, please.
  12. Wow, that is an impressive work! Excellently detailed and well put together. Welcome to the forum!
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