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  1. Well, friends... With the day off, I was able to do some work on the figures. Thanks for looking! Happy modelling!
  2. Base coat as applied. I know... you're saying way too light... But I have been assured that 4BO is often portrayed too darkly in the modelling universe. I have a lot of weathering to do... So I've started as light as possible. The color is Tamiya XF-14. J.A. Gray. And the tracks I started with a light brown. Usually I started with black. But as the entire track and wheel assembles will ave been warmed by a diesel fire, I'll have to divert from my normal method. Not a bad looking vehicle... even down on it's suspension.
  3. Nice work on those wing leading edges. Revell... might be cheaper. But time is precious. I won't be buying another Revell kit. I have two left in my stash... One of which I will build... the second, I'm not so sure. BTW... do you sharpen your UMM scriber?
  4. Nice metal bits, Harv!
  5. Thank you, my friend. My hand is doing fine. Luckily no infection and I'm up to date on my tetanus booster.
  6. Everything is is asked in the title. So, can we, can we? huh? Pretty please?
  7. Thank you, Rob! It's all about having the right figures, really. The two seated guys are gunners, one for a Marder III and the other for a Nashorn. Their arms don't really fit doing anything. But as this is just a second in time, their hands can be in transit to another position. Their legs are serviceable, though I have had to shorten a foot and will add what I've removed to portray a flexed foot.
  8. I'm with you John... closed cowl shows the lines better. Nice progress.
  9. Thank you, Peter! I hope not to dally on these figures too long. But oils do demand at least an overnight dry of each color.
  10. Bummer. If we only had a mutual friend with a 3d printer.
  11. Thank you, Peter. I'm really looking forward to doing this burnt out derelict. It will be all new ground for me.
  12. Rob, I a fan of the razor saw blade and the UMM scriber, too. I'.ve used various methods to try to keep a straight line. But, I always drift off course the other way.
  13. Wouldn't the spinner of the He-111 be better for that? '
  14. Thank you, Kai. I'm not sure which ones are more realistic. The master club resin tracks I used on the leaping t-34 were much thinner and looked the part. These seem thicker, closer to the thickness of German tank tracks.
  15. Alright... I've rounded out the crew! That should read "unenviable task". Happy modelling!
  16. Thank you, my friends! Just a small update today. I'll be painting, soon. Hopefully they'll show up well under the paint and weathering.
  17. Nice work, Rob! I hate rescribing too... because I suck at it. I've learned a few tricks... but none that make mine look as good as the molded lines.
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