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  1. Thank you, Peter. It's really only four colors used for the pin wash. Black, Green, brown, and yellow ochre. I don't like to use base colors for the dot filter as they do things I don't like. Especially white and yellow. Thank you, Kai!
  2. I blame it on those guys who say that Individual links are too hard. I see them kinda guys on Farcebook all of the time.
  3. Thank you for the kind sentiments, my friends. After a week of very minor steps, I got a fair bit done today. The pics are captioned sparing further explanation. As always... my text editor needs to be sacked. Sheesh... was I drunk when I did this? Sadly... I have no such excuse. Happy modelling!
  4. Hello comrades, Let's see if I can remember what I've done.... After painting it with J.A. Gray, I used a very thinned feldgrau around all of the edges and details. Then I sprayed it with a few very thin layers of JA Gray mixed with Feldgrau. After that I did a pinwash in black and green oils mixed with a little brown. Then finally... today I did a dot filter. Here are some shots.
  5. The cockpit looks great, Rob! Should look great, covered, too.
  6. I thought all Chinese companies were Red.
  7. This is a wide known problem, Rob. I have only had one kit with the DS tracks and I painted/weathered them with aqueous acrylics. I did this because I have heard of horror stories when ppl have used regular solvent based paints and weathering materials on them. Sadly, the aqueous acrylics just weren't very durable and wore off in places while handling the model during the final stages of building. Eventually the kit found it's way into the trash though the tracks were still supple. So, I just avoid kits with DS tracks, now. Incidentally, I have a set of Fruils that move from Tiger to Tiger as I build a new one and round-file the old one. I do have a Dragon E with those wheel well inserts. I dread to see them when I build the kit.
  8. And we always like to assume that in China they just do whatever they want. I don't know if that is really fair to them. It's not like they can jet over to NZ and get the money PJ owes them.
  9. PJ is an asshole. I've said it before. He's screwed his employees and screwed the molding companies. Rock on, Border.
  10. Well, friends... With the day off, I was able to do some work on the figures. Thanks for looking! Happy modelling!
  11. Base coat as applied. I know... you're saying way too light... But I have been assured that 4BO is often portrayed too darkly in the modelling universe. I have a lot of weathering to do... So I've started as light as possible. The color is Tamiya XF-14. J.A. Gray. And the tracks I started with a light brown. Usually I started with black. But as the entire track and wheel assembles will ave been warmed by a diesel fire, I'll have to divert from my normal method. Not a bad looking vehicle... even down on it's suspension.
  12. Nice work on those wing leading edges. Revell... might be cheaper. But time is precious. I won't be buying another Revell kit. I have two left in my stash... One of which I will build... the second, I'm not so sure. BTW... do you sharpen your UMM scriber?
  13. Nice metal bits, Harv!
  14. Thank you, my friend. My hand is doing fine. Luckily no infection and I'm up to date on my tetanus booster.
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