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Did a test fit of the majority of the hull interior.  Not shown but tested the support bar for the floor plating and needed to remove the fire suppression connection (will relocate it).  Good thing I tested it before any painting.  Just need to work on the generator around the transmission area and the drive shaft.  After that I think I can start painting the individual items.




01 Left test fit.jpg

01 right test fit.jpg

01 Cemter test fit.jpg

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Back from my holiday vacation.  Worked on replacing the belt in the engine area.  I will see if I want to use it or not when I go to install it and see how visible it is.  The reason I want to change it is that it has two bands but the kit part is only shows one.  I am just not 100% feeling good about the scratch built part.

Planning on starting to paint individual interior parts next weekend.  



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Added detail lines for the Priming pump and Hand Throttle.  Replaced the hand throttle as the kit part went flying into the abyss.  I think it looks better than the kit part did.  Then spent two evenings cleaning up one set of tracks.  Finally, parts cleaned and ready for painting and then primed.  Hopefully I can get some white put down over the next week.

I need to start painting so I can get this done by the end of March in time for the local IPMS contest.




Priming pump and hand throttle.jpg

tracks set 1.jpg

parts cleaned and ready for primer.jpg

parts primed and ready for paint.jpg

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