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German Panzer IV Ausf H


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As you request.

I have painted the black onto the road and idler wheels also glued the drive/sprocket wheels. And fixed the suspension arms to the hull.

First up sprocket wheelsIMG_20210613_181750243.thumb.jpg.ccc9d2d9137c4642222170e7b7cb9591.jpgIMG_20210613_193813147.thumb.jpg.ceb11a637af95fcbe0fca95d13c512fb.jpgIMG_20210613_193839417.thumb.jpg.9558d586a185580875f036b913701c23.jpg

then we got the suspension arms. IMG_20210613_142741099.thumb.jpg.44a1a9fdb82d559f0bcdbb3b5df98e02.jpgIMG_20210613_181827084.thumb.jpg.00474154a62d41da80c0052698d8184d.jpgIMG_20210613_181818491.thumb.jpg.d6f19ee316c8b77ac2b336129751cad0.jpgIMG_20210613_181834594.thumb.jpg.d485f93c88485a91b55c6aab189d7e47.jpgIMG_20210613_193744925.thumb.jpg.f893b3a314a5335420dc2375fb2e7552.jpg

And here's all 48 idler and road wheels. A little messy now but they will look better when I clean em up and paint the center's



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Road Wheels

Everyone love doing them right. Trying to paint them perfectly and no go out of the lines.

Anyway yeah don't most of that now. They need touching up and a couple parts I have missed painting so will do that too but there together now.

IMG_20210620_124335900.thumb.jpg.b4133e0358156ab3eb3ef69be52fca79.jpgsights to fill nightmares that is there.

IMG_20210620_124444613.thumb.jpg.db476e245faab2c53f28c873df7bd367.jpgand the idler wheels tooIMG_20210620_142752668.thumb.jpg.1e527c3034f89c67f577c49740ca7d17.jpgA touch of magic (and glue) And you get this.IMG_20210620_153506665.thumb.jpg.3a01fa30d7b229eb548d9ca7b36ab29c.jpgnot too bad still some bits that need attention but they arnt bad at all.

IMG_20210620_153726010.thumb.jpg.30fce33669d8cefa5a97cd3616aa7f37.jpgIMG_20210620_153734573.thumb.jpg.a5d361d1f88fdee5c3b9e2123b5f3de4.jpgthey fit in place very nicely aswell.

I was worried about them not lining up properly as there was no guide or anything for the susp arms like there was with the American T-34 model I did previous.

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