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German Panzer IV Ausf H


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Well. What a month it's been. A guy at work left so there's only me and the other person at my work now so feeling quite tired after work last month or so. But here's some pictures.

Tracks are really not going together we'll. They just don't seam to line up at all with the return rollers. Don't think I'll get it any better than this so I'm going to fix them on after applying some weathering to the track parts, hull and wheels.IMG_20211118_191425029.thumb.jpg.fac36e75b007563f7158cf663212a74a.jpgIMG_20211118_191414131.thumb.jpg.34198ee85f75eba1f66df1a57d9f1db7.jpgIMG_20211118_191434573.thumb.jpg.76f0a9bea17b3b2580e989416ba5b7ea.jpgIMG_20211118_191440131.thumb.jpg.9723ce6423b3da066abac98c0ec980bc.jpg

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4 hours ago, Gaming Dragon32 said:

I'm sorry I don't quite understand what your saying.

The trees the parts come on look just like the RFI (RyeField Models) that's a pic from my build.The comment on the tracks you showed me the orientation/direction.But having gone back and looked again they are two totally different kits in construction esp in wheels/track area.:notworthy:

Panzer 003.JPG

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Well it's been a day. Snowed a fair bit. First true sign of Christmas.


So I stayed in stuck on some movies and did some painting


1 coatIMG_20211128_164105790.thumb.jpg.506cbbabc206fa145594398d3f52a8da.jpg

2 coatsIMG_20211128_235724319.thumb.jpg.04d669f9962582bc2bd293d6e3704125.jpg


Painted the upper hull section.


And to finish the night off. I painted and put together the two parts of one of the MG 32sIMG_20211128_211956752.thumb.jpg.f64de18f6751edecc09fa27ef84280aa.jpgIMG_20211128_235711562.thumb.jpg.57c34bdf2ea55a27e3e88467e8f35f23.jpgIMG_20211128_235649043.thumb.jpg.01d63534006a936634578aa22bf074d3.jpg

and a spot of paint on a couple detail parts.IMG_20211128_235745890.thumb.jpg.c210bdee6aec401a3628b4d65dfcd855.jpg

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Moving along nicely

Details on the track guards. Some hinges.IMG_20211202_203051813.thumb.jpg.b1fb1baad2c3ef1cc3de500885aa09e1.jpgIMG_20211202_203624191.thumb.jpg.b41b751f708ce195aac75dce248be2dd.jpgIMG_20211202_213445307.thumb.jpg.b6d41805072436de77d48408d8cf4f84.jpg

Part of the spare wheel holder and a bracketIMG_20211202_215036988.thumb.jpg.ef3154e9993cca9ad4caa64e7f526c0e.jpgIMG_20211202_215301566.thumb.jpg.150ee08509863a33d6aaf54305e53a56.jpg

And starting on the upper hull.IMG_20211202_220320523.thumb.jpg.ac97206b68c919ed1c89d32f2f084481.jpgIMG_20211202_222447094.thumb.jpg.159eab85b9b53998384cbfb7241cc2a7.jpgIMG_20211202_222502255.thumb.jpg.4cba68701090c2bf81a040e4fc2b6ea7.jpg

and something of note. Atleast to me. The track guards didn't want to sit flat in there place. Glued down fine but without any glue or waight they sat like this.IMG_20211202_220902671.thumb.jpg.acba3f23022718e52079d545a6cd1dfe.jpg

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Thanks. I'm quite happy with it too. I just experimented and got it how I liked it. And yeah iv noticed most people assemble to models mostly or completely before painting. And I personally don't see how you can paint everything do well when done like that. This is just the way I have learned to do things.

What I will say tho is that you find yourself repainting parts a fair bit. I hope to learn over time what parts are best painted in the process of construction and what parts after completion.

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Well what a day. 

I am now a fully qualified counter balance lift truck (forklift) operator.

So what better way to celebrate than doing a little more tank.

First up a couple towing hooks. Fastened them loosely into there brackets. After gluing the 1st bracket I had to slot the hooks into place.IMG_20211215_214730329.thumb.jpg.109da68063ab815b5199899818c13b9b.jpgIMG_20211215_214735821.thumb.jpg.5df26821c8c09c9d4740b748b70b154e.jpgIMG_20211215_220414424.thumb.jpg.e65673bdd44372df5bea3ee75659fd4d.jpgIMG_20211215_220222666.thumb.jpg.f0492a7d6ec5ec2fc70e9805185c6c2e.jpgIMG_20211215_220602510.thumb.jpg.19778ea9f341920923773c7b0647fd3f.jpgIMG_20211215_233528999.thumb.jpg.ecead6f7368ce44cfe0b767b35478d56.jpgIMG_20211215_233528999.thumb.jpg.ecead6f7368ce44cfe0b767b35478d56.jpgAnd here's there rest of the tools :D


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