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1/48 Do 335B-8

Old Dog

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I have not been very productive of late as I have been spending most of my modeling time on my dark side hobby (model trains) but I did manage to finish one back in January that has been on my shelf of doom for way too long. It was there waiting for me to master the paint job I wanted and finally admitted defeat and finished it the best I could. The B-8 version was the proposed high altitude night fighter and none were ever built. The kit is the Tamiya B-2 variant to which was added two resin sets from Paragon. (I really miss them)  The first being the night fighter conversion and the other was the extended wing set for the B-4 version. As you can see I used and inverse method on the paint scheme as I found I was better at painting blobs than creating them by painting round them. Since none were ever built I chose to use some artistic license. I replaced the resin antenna arrays with a set from Master that wasn't available at the time I started the kit. In the end I was happy with the result. A build log can be found here http://www.olddogsplanes.com/335b8.htm if interested.









A comparison shot to show the difference between the B-1 and B-8


Thanks for looking !

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