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1:48 Eduard Mig-21MF Weekend Edition


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Hi all!

I would like to present my latest 1:48 build, as a part of a Mig-21 group build.

The Weekend edition is a "basic" set, containing all plastic sprues for a mig-21MF, with a simplified decoration option (one airplane with full stencil) and no photo etch and resin goodies.

One catch is that some parts needed to properly represent a MIG-21, Eduard supply them as photo etch, and the weekend edition does not include them.

Nevertheless i wanted to keep the build as simply and strait forward as possible.

During the build, i opted to add a metal pitot tube from master, as the kit's part is very simple. Another adition were scratchbuild seatbelts, made of lead foil.

As the original decoration is too "Green", i choose to use a decal sheet bought a couple of years ago, from berna decals , african migs Part 1 and i choose a Mig-21 MF from ethiopian airforce.

the colour scheme allowed me to work on the weathering process, as it's my favourite part of it.

In the end, some issue with the decals (my fault due to laziness), but i'm happy with the result. Also, there's another two of them waiting in the stash.

For the painting process, AK's Real Color range and gunze, were used.

As so, let's go the photos.





The Dials were cut one by one from the decal sheet and glued on the instrument panel.






As putty i used superglue mixed with black pigment.



the front windscreen needed some attention and care, but i think that the poor fitting was caused by a cockpit miss align by me.




Priming using Mr Surface 1200 thinned with mrcolor levelling thinner. All surface was then polished with a 3000 sandpaper.

As my workbench is on a garage, lot's of dirt lying around, waiting for the right oportunity (when the paint is wet...)



Lower color applied.


Upper camouflage, light color.



Details painting



Decals aplication





Final Pictures

I don't have pictures of the weathering process, because simply, i'm lazy and i require to move a lots of stuff around to properly set the photo box, that doubles as storage area. So i leave you with the final pictures.





i might notice some errors, they are there and for me, each time that i'll look at this model, i'll remember them ( i hope!) !

I could detailed the landing gear, sensors, etc, but i prefer to keep it simple. It was challenging and fun!

Thanks for watching !


best regards from Portugal!





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Very nice and comprehensive step by step with your MIG. I like the chosen scheme and how you painted and weathered it. I have two Eduard Mig-21 waiting for me to build them and it's not the first time, I feel the urge to start.

Cheers Rob

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12 hours ago, DocRob said:

Very nice and comprehensive step by step with your MIG. I like the chosen scheme and how you painted and weathered it. I have two Eduard Mig-21 waiting for me to build them and it's not the first time, I feel the urge to start.

Cheers Rob

Hi Rob!

In Mig-21 regards, there's a lot of camouflage to choose from ! 
Eduard's Mig-21 is a nice model, but some care must be taken at the assembly, mainly the joint between fuselage and wings.


19 hours ago, harv said:

Nice ! And thank you how you did it!.....harv:thumbsup2:

Hi Harv! ! Thanks!


20 hours ago, Peterpools said:

Very nice work on the Mig ..

Keep 'em comin


Hi Peter!



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