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JA37 Viggen


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14 hours ago, KevinM said:

That seat is amazing all the way to the rivet detail :notworthy:

yes indeed all is there

11 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Stunning work on the seat Mark. The kit really comes with amazing details and you bring them to life!

The head cushion is one of them and which is the other one? 


yes the head rest and also the safty handele between

iff i install it now i probly brake it off during building

Like it is on the pic the seat is armed iff you turn it to the rght the seat is safe

10 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Awesome progress and thanks for detailed photographs documenting the parts and the process.

Keep 'em comin



you are welcome

9 hours ago, GazzaS said:




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3 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Awesome work and kit Mark!

Can‘t wait for the next update!

Whst about your Mirage 2000?

everything is on hold at the moment but i have to pic it up

evreything s maskd for the wheelbays after that clearcoat and decals.

Maybe this weekend


So progress off the week

further with the cockpit




Next up front ip iff i find time



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part 2

front engine blades



Now just a problem i found maybe its me but i would consider to do this step difrent then the instructions

theinstructions in step 12 says to get the airduct in but iff you step 13 then youhave to put the bay in

I think its beter to place the bay first then the air duct otherwise you have some work ahaed before it fits

what you can see in the second pit

i think there isroomenough to slide the airduckt in place while the bay is in place


here you can see the sanding neded whenyou follow the instructions


i hope this will help you

but for the rest i love it




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1 minute ago, Peterpools said:


Nice progress for sure and looking at the instructions, it's part 66 that's the issue. and it sure looks like you're right in reversing the order of construction.

Keep 'em comin



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