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RAF FGR-2 Phantom, scratch conversion

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Finally done and sorted. Always liked the British brute power of the camouflaged Phantoms. Due to the Rolls-Royce Spey engined the rear fuselage differed massively compared to the contempary F-4J. As there is no kit the only solution is to scratchbuild. Using Frank Mitchell's articles I found out that I am bad at copying others work. I noticed that the Revell kit has better lines at the rear, so cutting up the fuselages of both kits was in order. The Tamiya forward fuselage was grafted on the Revell rear fuselage which went surprisingly easy. The wings are mostly Revell with Tamiya outerwings. Canopies by Aerocraft.

Took about three years but was a lot of fun. I plan to do a RN FG-1 with the long nosewheelleg. So if anyone has a spare early Revell shortnose kit laying around?





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Wah-Hoo  I finally sorted (guessed what my password was) my login details....so happy:D

Now Cees I can comment publicly on how much I have loved following you along with this build.  You have done an amazing job and have been a HUGE inspiration for me doing my own conversion.  Your results are awesome and I hope mine will look half as good as this does.  Just beautiful and genuinely lost for words, I have a new screensaver to keep me motivated now 👍

Cheers Anthony

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This is a stunning example of brilliant craftmanship. Well done. The Spey- powered Phantoms are amongst my favourites so I enjoyed your pics. Looking forward to your next one...even if it takes another three years. 

Cheers joachim

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very beautiful Phantom , your patience , and determination paid off , you should be proud !! I wonder why no one among all the AF manufacturers have the idea of producing a conversion for this iconic Brit AC ( maybe the subject is too Brit ...... precisely 😕 

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