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KH T-28C finished

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Finished with this one! My 3rd (and likely last) KH T-28. The thing about T-28's is there were so many colorful schemes on those a/c. I painted it with Testor's throughout. The decals I made by re-scaling a 1/48 Aeromaster sheet to 1/32 and printing them out using my laser printer. I used a Aires cockpit set as the kit supplied parts leave something to be desired. You may notice the green starboard wingtip light is not in the usual "A" & "B" position but far forward on the leading edge tip. The reason for this is that the "C"s were used for carrier landing training and it made the airplane's attitude more visible to the LSO when doing night landings. You'll note there is a crack on the rear canopy. I don't know when that happened but the kit clear parts ARE very thin and fragile. Remember guys, click on the 1st photo for best image resolution and to view the pics as a slide show.:) I'm very happy with the way this one turned out and I hope y'all are too! :)

5-28-22 001.jpg

5-28-22 002.jpg

5-28-22 003.jpg

5-28-22 004.jpg

5-28-22 005.jpg

5-28-22 006.jpg

5-28-22 007.jpg

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26 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Silky smooth finish as ever John, what’s next I hear myself asking…….

Thank you Phil! :) No idea at this time as to what is next. 😉

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17 minutes ago, HubertB said:

I had never realized the T-28 could be THAT fast 😂 !

Another very nice build, John 👍


Ya just never know Hubert! LOL Thanks!!! :)

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4 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Terrific work, a gorgeous paint scheme and finish. Outstanding work for sure

Keep 'em comin


Thanks Peter. As coincidence would have it, I'm a member of a T-28 Group on FB. I posted a couple of shots of this model there and lo and behold the guy that owned and restored the a/c is a member also. He sent me a nice message and a little info. Pretty cool I think! :)

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