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Flying Tiger P-40


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Wow. That’s a chunk of change!  Anyone know of a comparison between the GW and the Trumpeter?  I keep hearing it’s not good, but I’ve never seen what’s not good, so I’m going to plan on building mine one day anyhow. 

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3 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

Wow. That’s a chunk of change!

Scott I have seen buying from OSeas put the cost at 60/70% just got to browse around.I have the trump kit myself has a quite a few short comings just depends on your requirement for accuracy.I am sure it with be a P-40 to 98% of the people out but us builders who know the details.........?It is what it is.:hsmack:


I'm sorry Scott  how about 50%    https://www.ebay.com/itm/373820733287

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19 minutes ago, biggtim said:

Just curious, but I noticed that the GWH kit decals do not appear to include the Chinese Nationalist AF roundels. That seems odd to me - any idea why? Is that a political statement by the Chicoms?

Definitely something to keep the Chicoms happy but the roundels are in the kit. 


They've even made them into two parts like they do with swastikas in Europe. 

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