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Revell Hurricane

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Hi all, so I don't normally post pictures of my builds but I've realised that's a bit selfish as I want to look at everyone else's builds, if nobody contributes there's no forum so it's a new years resolution for me.  Anyway, this is the new tool Hurricane, Kitsworld seat belts added and H-Model Decals stencils which I've since relaised is wrong as the actual aircraft was painted black in the field, stencils were most likely not reapplied.  Great fun to build, the kit goes together with some clever engineering especially around the wings/fuselage connection. The cockpit is amazing but very little can be seen. 


Hope you enjoy








IMG_5969 Small.jpeg



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12 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

I wonder if you could do a Sea Hurricane out of this donor kit…….congrats….

the insert for the arrester hook and the hook itself is in the kit but I think the wings are wrong for a sea hurricane but you could fill in the panel lines for the extra 4 guns. They clearly plan on releasing the sea hurricane as well as a mk IIc.  

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