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She continues to amaze Me P-40 underwater Dio


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Whilst I appreciate the creativity, technicity and skills that went into this one - all waaaaay above my paygrade -, I just cannot help but to criticise the choice of a Flying Tigers’ P-40 (which never saw the sea from that close, as pointed out), when a Wildcat or Zero would have been far more justified, and the size of the shark, which seems to come out of a cheap me-too of Spielberg’s « Jaws », like « Sharknado» or « Megalodon ».

Just my :2c:, of course …

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2 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Yes, surely we have to take to consideration the artistic licence. But that's the fun of it, I think. Here is another diorama, that might not be the most historically correct, but amazing in its execution and detail.


Ah wondered how long before we arrived at Thomas and Laser Creation World.😁

His current love of half ton resin work has been interesting, and not always sucessful  . I've followed (and occasionally copied / been inspired by )  his work for a long time , in my opinion he is one of the most creative modellers around . A lot of his work these days in post apocalypse , gives you more licence I guess.

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I’m like Hubert, thinking that while the P-40 dio is incredibly creative, and the technical accomplishment is truly astounding, but personally, my experience gets dimmed when I think analytically about what I’m seeing. An AVY P-40 in the ocean, with little to no ditching damage, blah blah blah.  My mind just refuses to compute.

But I still admire the amazing creativity needed to create this. 

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