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ICM B-26K completed


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I'm calling this one done. These ICM kits are nice and fit together very well. Their decals are very thin and VERY touchy. They have to be as close to in place as possible when applying them as there's almost NO moving them around after they are laid down.🙄  I painted the model with Xtracolor and Testor's MM. I hope y'all like it. :)

3-13-23 001.jpg

3-13-23 002.jpg

3-13-23 003.jpg

3-13-23 004.jpg

3-13-23 005.jpg

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4 hours ago, Peterpools said:



Absolutely gorgeous build ... a real showstopper for sure. Fit and finish is perfect and you might have figured out I love the build.

I'm pleased that you like it Peter. I'm happy with the way it turned out too. :)

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47 minutes ago, FlyinBryan said:

Very cool! I have one in the stash to build. Found a photo in my dad's photo album from his time at NKP showing 64645 with a hole in the vertical fin from a 37mm cannon.  

Thanks Bryan. They had a tough row to hoe in those days! :)

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