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1/32 Trumpeter P-47D Razorback "Bonnie"

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Hello All, Some excellent builds here!

I'm new here, Go by Mo but the sight needed a longer name so the GSP stands for German Short hair Pointer after my pets. Been modeling for a long time now. Hope this is in the right spot.

After seeing the newly restored P-47 at Oshkosh I just had to build it. And I'm going to try my best at making it just as it is now. I got a 3d resin printer early in the year and use fusion360 for my CAD files. I'm no expert and learning as I go. The fortunate thing about this plane, her restoration was very well documented. There are many pics of this restoration. Here is one of them https://www.aircorpsaviation.com/project/p-47-razorback-project-updates/ 

I will need to make quite a few parts that are  unique to Bonnie, I have no idea when I will start the actual build...I'm still  trying to get my scale right. I've been working on this kit since around the first of August. So without further ado!

What I'm aiming for



The kit with some aftermarket goodies.


First item to design was the Main wheels and tailwheel.


Next I moved the objects into blender3d to mess with the profile some, still a very much work in progress. I have a pic of the tail wheel but the same process was applied to the main wheels


I'm trying to give the wheel some life with flattening  it some and a slight bulge on the sidewall just a tad. Very easy to over do it. And really cant tell until you print one off.  And what they look like in the slicer software and printed.





Next I set off to designing various parts of the interior. The Gun sight has a Modern Comms panel attached to it....So I had to make that.


       The Throttle quadrant. 

THROTTLE1.thumb.PNG.d27daaab780f796f7c5aca8b506bbf95.PNG     THROTTLE2.thumb.PNG.45810143650a75c800c4713d12a62ab3.PNG   Next was the IP and rudder pedals to hold my aftermarket panel.


And Lastly pics of various printed parts and how the look in a mock up.


     printVkit.thumb.jpg.5b0734c658509eff9245f99c0f14aa8c.jpgprintedthrottle.jpg.3992be4069983a741290b16330268523.jpg                IMG_20230828_202353730.thumb.jpg.524354a0275fc76dd870f41149130f87.jpg                                                                                                                    


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On 9/3/2023 at 10:03 AM, KevinM said:

Nice start I just finished one of their kits.;)

Yes I saw that while browsing the site, Nice Job.


9 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Welcome to LSM, great start and interesting additions being made. Which type of printer are you using and is it reel type or resin…….looking forward to more updates…

I'm using the Phrozen sonic mini8k but eyeing others ATM. It's liquid resin.

Thanks for the Welcome, I told my self I was just going to design a few things....but one thing led to another... At this rate I wont touch plastic until next year!




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Still plugging away in fusion360. Slowed done some as I'm doing some 1 to 1 remodeling of my house.... priority's..  priority's I guess they say...if the pic looks funny it was a phone photo.. was sending a pic to my buddy...and I got lazy.IMG_20230917_192939977.thumb.jpg.741332bb3e20bbf93ed0d22d08e50a6e.jpg

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