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Br-52 Locomotive and Tender---waiting for a train.

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OK, I know this isn't armor in the usual sense but bear with me. This locomotive will be couple with Trumpeter's Morser Karl and a couple of livery cars with anti-aircraft protection. Can't have a Morser without protection can we? I am glad I didn't start the Morser first, I would have horned in on Nige's build. Mine will come next. Excited to some of this different stuff on our fine forum.


OK, Here is what constitutes my train.






2 of these, loaded with anti-aircraft guns and other sundries.




and enough of this to hold it all




Here is the scheme I am after.




I also have ALL of the photo etch from Eduard, 4 sets. Some of this is pretty useless, for me anyway. I will use as much as my fingers can handle. Some is totally unneeded, like in the cabin.




Here is where it is at. When I started this, I wasn't going to post it. I saw Niges build and said "why not". I asked James H. if I could post it and he said OK, if I could tie it into a full armor build. No paint on any of this until I get all the sub-assemblies built. Not sure how to paint this so it will wait until I see some progress on how this thing goes together.








This next shot is not assembled.




I didn't like the molded on piping, so I cut it off and added brass wire and nuts.







I finished the floor and the roof of the cab above. Next is some primer on some other objects. Red oxide primer on everything. For those of us in the states, I find Rustoleum's acrylic primer to be very satisfactory for my needs. White, grey, black and this red oxide color.


The wood parts(real wood) are for the slats around the coal tub.








And lastly, here is the body of the tender in finished color.






Eventually, I will end up with something like this.




That's all for now. I hope you like it.



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you need 2 P-47's or Tiffy swooping in for some target practice.


this is gonna be a great build.  I have the armoured train with some rolling stock.  when my skill-sets improve there will be a dio in my future.


watching this one.

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Very impressive indeed..


I also have the train and all the Eduard stuff, so will keep away from it until you have done yours...


I have a Leopold and a Dora to build.... once I've finished the Karl of course.. Oh, and a little B-17 project going on in the background.

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I think it's about railroad guns in general, or at least that's what I've heard, but supposedly covering the Dora fairly well. Lewis Pruneau (a local boy), scratch built a 1:35 Dora years ago, and I swear he mentioned using the JJ Fedorowicz book as reference. His Dora was on the cover of an old FSM magazine, as well as a VLS publication on monster dioramas.

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Well, an update on this is in order. Finally making some headway with paint and detailing. There is a lot of cleanup and pin marks on this kit just like Nige has to deal with.


Here is a shot of the locomotive frame with air tanks and piping added. Note the plasticard added to the boiler supports. There would have been a huge gap under the boiler had I not added this.




Here is the tender frame, almost finished. Wheels are painted and installed and the frame is painted. won't be long before the tender is finished.






Here is a shot of the firebox and front wall with black paint only. The a couple of detailed shots minus weathering.








And the seats after wood grain effect.




That's all for now.



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What a brilliant project...I have a feeling Santa is bringing me a Trumpy 35 scale Rail Gun - you have to take your hat off to Trumpeter for putting these kits out there I think;I look foward to following your project Paul. I would say weathering is probably the thing that makes or breaks these rail guns/locos...

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