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WNW Pfalz DIIIa - Marine Feld Jasta III

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Well, my friends, the curtain has finally come down on my MFJ III Pfalz DIIIa - YAY!!! It has been 5 long years since my last completed kit. I guarantee you, you won’t have to wait another 5 more. Not with the likes of WNW’s build quality and attention to detail. Superb!!


Let me start by saying a big Thank you to Steve Robson. His generosity knows no bounds - cheers mate!


A big thank you goes out to Garry from Hannants London. He gave me the birthday gift of one of Doug Craners superb wooden wonders - cheers Gazz!


To Sir Peter Jackson:

Thanks for pouring your time and passion into WNW. You have given all of us innumerable hours of enjoyment, speculation and a web based brotherhood of loyal followers - Gawd Bless Ya! 


    What you see before you is my rendition of an unknown pilot + unknown serial MFJ.III Pfalz.  The only surviving picture and the basis for my build can be seen on page 64 of Greg VanWyngarden’s Pfalz Scout Aces of World War One. From this sole surviving picture I went with a gut feeling (I’m happy to be proven wrong) that the band around the diamond was yellow and not black. Why? I can see no tonal difference between the Diamond band and the yellow tail section. Like I say, I’m happy to be wrong ;-)



Bob Von Buckles ;-)



Let the pictures begin…











































  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)



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As you say Bob, five years is far too long. Glad you are back on the modelling bent and much looking forward to your future Wingnuts making it out to the flight line.


The sprayed markings really make a difference and the overall build is, as previously commented on, top drawer. A beautiful finish, married to thoughtful weathering, to produce something which is 'all of a piece', unified and together.


Will it be living at Hannants in one of the display cases?



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Top-flight build.


Love the chosen color palette, meticulous finishing and the obviously keen attention to all of the little details that add up to create an incredible miniature representation of the real thing.

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