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Spitfire Group Build....Rules and Information


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Welcome to the Spitfire Group Build.  This GB will run from 1 March to 30 September 2015.




1.  Any Spitfire kit 1/32 or larger is eligible for entry.

2.  Entries should be no more than 25% complete at the start of the GB, I'll leave this to your discretion, if in doubt just ask.

3.  Any amount of kit bashing, after-market and/or scratch building is welcome as well completely OOB, just build it!

4.  Last but not least, have fun!

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I'm in also, with the Revell Spit...maybe a new prop and seatbelts, otherwise oob.


@ Cees...when you have issues posting photos...inserting links. It's a Windows thing.

When you click on the top left icon...the one with some sort of "n" in it...you can insert a link (copy/paste).

Manualy put the img in front and behind it and it will work.


Hope this makes sense :unsure:

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Sounds good to me! I would love to have been able to use the Eduard Royal Class Spitfire Mk. IX but, wrong scale.

I'm determined to actually build something (or even two somethings) this year !!! That'll be a feat and half !!

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My Revell Spit Mk IIa build is too far along so I'd have to acquire another kit. Looking at the ones availalbe I'd most likely want  to go with a Tamiya Mk IXc. Unfortunately the cheapest I can find one is right at $100 shipped, and Revell or HobbyBoss with aftermarket is only about $15 cheaper. Not too sure I can do that for a bit. Is there a cutoff date for entry?

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Can i participate with a Tamiya spit MkIX with finished cockpit?

Does that exceed 25 %?


That's completely dependent on the size of the bribe you're willing to slip the GB coordinator!  :lol:  No problem, go for it!

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You still need to sign mine, bought it specifically for that reason at last year's SMW... :angry:


























































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