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Tamiya Spitfire Mk VIII - RAAF 79 Squadron. HAVA-GO-JO!!

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Finally - just in time for the Spitfire GB,  here is my Spitfire Mk VIII, built for the Pacific War GB right here on LSM.   I'm yet to post the final pics - so here they are.


Firstly, a big call out and huge THANKS to Dave J for supplying the decals.  Dave - this one is for you.  :unworthy:


I added the following to the excellent Tamiya kit:


From BarracudaCast

BR32001 - Seat with leather backpad
BR32003 - Cockpit upgrade set  (stick, throttle etc. includes cockpit stencils)
BR32002 - Door with separate crowbar
BR32010 - Z-block 4 slot mainwheels (for Australian Spitfire VIII's)


Decals are also from BarraCudaCals


I also added 

- HGW Sutton Harness

- Eduard exterior PE (in the end I used very little). 



Paints used were Gunze Mr Color.   Weathering was the usual mix of pre/post shading, oils, washes etc. 


This was my first Tamiya 1/32 superkit - it was an immensely enjoyable (and very long) build. Highly recommended. 


WIP link here:   http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1239-tamiya-spitfire-mkviii-79-squadron-raaf/


Now for some pics:















Cheers,  Tim. 




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Thanks all!


No worries Tim, I am glad that I could help you out!


Fantastic finish! So you going to do another one for the Spit GB then?

Dave, yes I'm thinking of a Mk. IX (classic eg. Johnnie Johnson) or 453 Squadron with full D-Day stripes.

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