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Zoukei Mura 1/32 Horten HO-229

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Maybe boring, but I also start the 1/32 Ho 229  :rolleyes:  Most importent for me: it will not a crashed one! Lol


Ok let's start:



Our 50 sprues of grey:





beginning with the engines and my new metal powders from Uschi van der Rosten





Building the frame. Must say that this kit is just a joy to build, easy and the fit is perfect!







Also the engine: first Vallejo silver metallic and then Metallic P, love the effect of the powder.





The tubes delivered with the kit are just great and amazing how fine ZM is able to mould them. So great care must be taken when cutting them out.





After gluing the tubes, I weathered the hole stuff with AK Grease and Vallejo pigments:








Think that a little wire ad interest.









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  • 2 weeks later...

Was a little busy the last time, but finally I found my bench! Lol


Finished the frame, not much to say then: first I thought Oh my god!!! That will be complicated. But the fit and the way the parts belong together, I must say: it was easy. I painted the MK 103 gun and made a few more cuts over the left engine. I decided to let the right engine closed, so that you can see the cool style from that bird.







May some of you remember my He 162 with the open engine, I love to make some wiring. So I tried, with artist freedom to replicate the original cable trees.







The right cockpit side with the fuse box




THX Arno

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More wiring the cockpit, beside preparing our move to another apartment ( I hate moving!!!!)





I know it looks chaotic and the german shop chief would kick me, next time I will try it better ;-)





Start priming the fuselage





Oh I love those HGW belts, if they are would be just finished! Lol




THX Arno

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Weekend!!!! So I build the gear:





As I have with the painting anyway a artistic licence, I decided to paint the not metal parts in RLM 84.





And my hot loved masking, for the metal part's





On the right side it's sprayed with Vallejo Steel Metallic and then on the left it's added Uschi van der Rosten Metallic powder's.





So the moment of truth, peeling of the masking tape













Of course the weathering is missing, but I think I like the effect.



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After a week drying time for the oil color's, I sprayed Vallejo Gloss varnish over all and start to make things dirty. Of course with Flory's wash :-) And a few dot's of AK Grease










a few corrections and I think I can live with. Okay, maybe the wood is to dark for plywood.......


Thanks Arno

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Looks great

I'm working on this kit now, side-by-side with a WNW DVII.

The engines are great little kits in their own right and the potentially complex tubing arrangement of the central structure is well engineered and fits extremely well.

Although grateful to have 1/32 kit of this aircraft available, I personally don't like the clear body & wing skinning, think it looks a little "gimmiky" & in particular makes accurate fitting of adjoining surfaces much harder to evaluate (my personal taste in finishes by the way, in no way detracts from the skillful work of others!). Largely because of this feature, I'm also concerned about achieving a perfect wing to "center section" (probably can't call it a fuselage on a flying wing :-)) joint...

I think I'll probably airbrush the clear components prior to assembly so that I can see what I'm doing?

Not sure whether to build the wings completely before attaching them (ie spars, upper & lower skinning) or attach the spar-structures first then add the upper and lower panels???

If it works out reasonably well I'll post a few pics.

Thanks for sharing, it's great to see how others are tackling this kit & to learn from everyone's tips & techniques.


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Again thanks gentlemen!!


Main frame is nearly finished now. Done the right engine cover, with a little oil running out ( maybe to much). and the cockpit canopy, Look at the quality from that clear parts!!











And so lets start with the wings





Thanks Arno

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