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Zoukei-Mura 1:32 - FW Ta-152 H-0

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Hi Gents,


Started this wonderful war-bird and great kit, 99% OOB. I hope you will enjoy the -from time to time- posted sneak pictures. ;)

Goodies : RB Productions seat-belts.








Fittings are great after removing flash. Wings are just wow ; ZM made it all easy for the scratch-build interior details masters...







Thanks for checking in !


Cheers :)


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Lovin' it.


You mention "flash" so I'll ask: are the pieces covered with (what I'd call) "micro flash?" The He 219 was like this...nearly every piece had small bits of flash along them...presumably from where the molds join.


Hi Jim,


That's correct. Microflash it is.


It is a beautiful kit, details are cool, improved engineering for a reliable build though with minor issues. the major -minor issue is the unequal plastic thikness between symmetrical pieces (wings and other bits...).


Grab one :D








That engine looks Fantatic!


Thanks a lot Dave :)








Luv it. Think I may pick one of these up at Telford.


Definitely ! A nice challenge. grab one too. :D








Cheers guys,



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Hi gents,


Thanks for the nice comments !


Update on this kit : Decided finally to cover the engine, base Aluminium done.


Propeller should be in wood, but went free-ride for a metal version. Moving forward to the scheme paint.











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I have not personally built anything from ZM (yet)...do the engine cowlings come off for display of that beautiful engine block you have obviously spent a great deal of time and effort working on Laurent?

You can almost see the heat plumes radiating off that engine - that is truly great work, and a great peice of observation. To my mind (only my opinion) it would be sad to loose that contest compatible engine block...

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